YASA was founded in 2009 on the belief that small, powerful and efficient electric motors would play an increasingly important role in meeting the strict emissions targets being set by policy makers globally by enabling new, more efficient and sustainable means of transportation. At the time, the electrification of the automotive industry was nascent and electric flight a distant prospect.

A Maturing Market

Since YASA’s incorporation much has changed. Automotive OEMs have by and large embraced electrification, and those with the greatest commitment to electrification have seen their valuations rise above their competitors. However, consumer demand for more efficient and diverse electric models has in real terms outpaced OEM innovation, leading many OEMs to look beyond legacy radial motor technology for new electric powertrain solutions, capable of delivering the vehicle range, driving experience and pricing options their customers want. 

Since the company’s foundation, YASA has continually built on the unique motor technology originally invented by the company’s founder and CTO Dr Tim Woolmer during his PhD.

YASA now supplies world-leading OEMs in the automotive and aerospace industry with innovative powertrain solutions based around its axial-flux electric motors and controllers


Part of YASA’s DNA is a commitment to engineering excellence and our customers’ success. We work collaboratively in close partnership with our customers, from initial simulation and feasibility studies, through to custom design and production. In 2019, YASA announced Ferrari as its first OEM customer in volume production, with the ground-breaking hybrid Stradale SF90.

Meanwhile, in aerospace, YASA has partnered with Rolls-Royce on the record-breaking ACCEL project, providing the motors to power the fastest all-electric airplane. The ACCEL project is part of a wider move towards aerospace electrification, and the benefits of YASA’s technology seen in automotive are amplified in aerospace where efficiency, performance and weight are even more critical.

We see ourselves as playing a leading role, not only the burgeoning electric vehicle market, but also in the electrification of aerospace, enabling the commercialisation of a new generation of eVToL and VToL crafts which will revolutionise sustainable mobility.

YASA is a privately-held company, funded by investors including Parkwalk Advisors, Universal Partners, Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) and Inovia Capital.