Vision for a greener aerospace industry takes flight with YASA

The electrification of automotive is moving forward apace, with increasing numbers of consumers purchasing pure electric and hybrid cars, and manufacturers innovating to meet that growing demand. Less often discussed is the electrification of the aerospace industry which, although some ten years’ behind the automotive industry, is on the same accelerated path towards more sustainable, greener forms of transportation.

YASA’s revolutionary compact, lightweight, and powerful electric axial-flux motor and controller solutions are already proven in the automotive industry, where manufacturers of electric vehicles choose YASA over legacy radial motor technology because it offers the highest efficiency and power densities for the smallest and lightest package. The benefits of YASA’s axial-flux approach are even greater in aerospace applications where improvements in efficiency, performance and weight are mission critical.

ACCEL: The Sprit Of Innovation
 YASA together with Rolls-Royce and Electroflight, have embarked upon a challenge to build the world’s fastest all-electric plane.

We all know there’s a pressing need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Pressure from policy makers combined with consumer demand is driving aerospace manufacturers to seek new, more efficient technologies to enable more sustainable air travel. Thanks to innovations in motor technology, composite materials and batteries, electric flight is no longer something for the futurologists – it is fast becoming a commercial reality.

As the aerospace industry seeks to innovate, development projects with leading-edge technology partners have become mission critical. Such projects often work best when structured around a grand challenge.

ACCEL is one such project, bringing YASA together with Rolls-Royce and Electroflight around a challenge to build the world’s fastest all-electric plane.  ACCEL received 50% of its funding from the UK government’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), in partnership with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Innovate UK.

The ACCEL aircraft, named ‘The Spirit of Innovation’, is scheduled for its first flight in May 2021. The project will culminate in an attempt to break the world-record for electric flight of 210mph (337km/h), expected before the end of 2021.

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