400V 600A Controller

YASA motor controllers are the ideal motor control solution for applications such as hybrid and electric vehicles where achieving minimum space and weight are critical to the final design. YASA controllers feature robust automotive grade components engineered in a patented thermal architecture to achieve a best in class peak power density of > 40 kVA / L.

The 400V, 600A type controller is a version designed to maximise the performance and efficiency of YASA P400 and 750 type motors and generators with peak power up to 200kW.

General Characteristics

Peak Current (10 secs)600 ARMS
Continuous Current300 ARMS
Input Voltage Range 50 – 400 VDC50 – 400 VDC
Dimensions84 x 251 x 277 mm
Mass5.0 kg
Total Volume5.8 litres
Volume excluding HV terminal area5.1 litres


Typical ratings at 60°C coolant inlet temperature.
Casing dimensions excluding connectors and mounting points.
Mass does not include coolant fluid or phase cables.

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