COVID-19 Update

The global disruption due to COVID-19 is unprecedented. As a business, our priority is protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees, whilst keeping our business open to support our existing and new customers.

We have completed a Risk Assessment for COVID-19.  Additional control measures have been identified and implemented to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors to our sites. The measures taken include:

  • Those employees who can work from home have been doing so since March
  • Those employees that need to go into the workplace including in supply, distribution, manufacturing, engineering and quality are doing so with enhanced safety and hygiene standards and strict social distancing measures consistent with Government guidelines
  • All business travel has been cancelled
  • Intensified focus on daily cleaning regime at all our sites
  • Introduction of changes to work areas and communal areas (e.g. meeting rooms) to support social distancing.
  • Regular communication with employees regarding adjustments to our work place to support social distancing.
  • Increased education of the workforce regarding the symptoms of the virus, the need for frequent handwashing and use of sanitising gel
  • Communication to employees on the conditions when self-isolation and shielding are required
  • Regular monitoring and assessment of the situation and introduction or modification of procedures and practices as required to continue to protect our employees and support our customers across the world.

We are extremely grateful for the efforts our employees are making during this difficult time to keep safe and assist our customers.

Our thoughts are with those that have been impacted by this global health emergency.