Custom Solutions

YASA is an experienced automotive OEM partner with the proven ability to design custom solutions across a broad range of vehicle platforms and powertrain configurations. YASA custom e-motor types in volume production achieve power densities of between 10 and 15 kW/kg.

YASA’s off-the-shelf motors and controllers are suitable for prototype and low-volume build. For projects where there is a desire to manufacture in high volume, then there is often significant scope for reducing the bill of material cost and improving torque and power density in the application by creating a custom motor and controller design.

YASA offers a design service that includes a simulation and feasibility phase which informs our customers of the cost and performance benefits of YASA custom solutions to both the electric powertrain and the overall vehicle design. 

YASA custom controllers compliment the motor technology and are precisely calibrated across the operating range of the motor to deliver maximum performance and efficiency from the smallest, lightest package.

See the solutions page for information and examples.

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