YASA’s electric motors and controllers provide the highest power / torque density available in their category. Our innovation in automotive design is matched by world-class series manufacturing and quality control at our production facility in Oxford, UK.
A centre of automotive excellence

YASA’s new production facility is located in Oxford – one of the UK’s leading automotive centres, with over one hundred years of manufacturing history and engineering know-how.

Our production teams work intensively with our partners on custom designs and series manufacture, bringing their world-leading engineering expertise to every project.

A Revolutionary Approach

YASA was founded on an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of electric motors and controllers. In our proprietary yokeless and segmented armature, the armature windings consist of separate segments ideally suited to mass manufacture with minimal application engineering. 

Segmented design

Compared to the complex, multiple slot windings of conventional motors, YASA motor’s segmented armature lends itself to low cost, serial production.

Materials efficient

YASA’s axial flux approach uses less materials such as copper, iron and permanent magnet than conventional motors, resulting in a significantly lower materials cost.

Series Production

The YASA topology is ideally suited to series production, providing a smaller, lighter, lower cost motor in volume than any conventional motors in the class.

Our Axial Flux Design

YASA’s proprietary axial flux motors are smaller and lighter than any other motors in their class due to our more efficient use of key magnetic and structural materials.

The YASA (Yokeless And Segmented Armature) motor topology also significantly reduces manufacturing complexity, making the motors ideally suited to automated volume production.

This powerful combination enables YASA to produce motors with exceptionally high power and torque density, at the lowest possible cost.

YASA has a portfolio of patents and patent applications covering the key subsystems (rotors and stator) of our unique axial flux “pancake style” motor, manufacture and design.

The YASA 750, YASA P400 Series and YASA 400 axial flux motors achieve power densities of up to 10kW/kg and torque densities which are significantly better than the nearest competitive motor topology. The axial flux enables high power densities to be achieved at relatively low speeds (2000-9000rpm), making the motors ideally suited to hybrid and generation applications.

Testing for success

YASA operates multiple development, durability and production line dynamometer test rigs capable of automated and programmable testing up to 10,000rpm, 800Nm and 400kW.

These bespoke dynamometers are controlled by in-house developed software that enables performance tests across a wide range of standard and customer drive cycles including high average and fast changing dynamic loads.  Please contact YASA for further information.


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