Electric Drive Unit

Customers developing electric powertrains face the major challenge of integrating motors and controllers into environments tightly constrained by weight and space.

Our electric drive unit (EDU) integrates a custom YASA motor and controller together with an FEV designed 2-speed gearbox, clutch and electric actuators in one compact package.

This 2-speed EDU provides extremely high efficiencies in both urban and highway drive cycles, enabling significant savings in battery capacity over single-speed drives.

Complete 2-speed electric drive unit
up to 6000Nm and 300kW peak at wheels from 85kg

Design features


  • YASA axial-flux electric motor (13.3kW/kg) with coaxial, integrated controller for highest power density
  • 2-speed powershift EDU with neutral function
  • Maximum EM torque: 500Nm
  • Maximum axle torque: 6000Nm
  • 300kW peak / 150kW cont. at 700 Volts
  • System weight (total, dry): < 85kg