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Electric Vehicle Motors

Efficient – Lightweight – Powerful

At YASA, we’re driven by a passion for excellence in engineering and a commitment to customer success. We work closely with our OEM customers to customise our electric motors and controllers to their precise requirement around range, performance, weight and cost. Our customised products provide the greatest efficiencies with the highest power densities for the smallest size and weight, and are available for customers requiring volume production.


The YASA 750 R is an axial-flux electric motor with high torque and power densities.

P400 Series

The P400 produces up to 370Nm and 160kW of peak torque and power, with an axial length of just 80.4 mm.

Best efficiencies in class

YASA’s motors and controllers deliver average efficiencies between 95% and 97% over standard WLTP drive cycles, whereas legacy radial solutions struggle to get above 90%. YASA’s core efficiencies have a direct impact on range, giving our OEM customers a 5 – 10% range advantage against their competitors.

That 5% – 10% range benefit translates to a 5% – 10% reduction in battery size, which when coupled with the reduction in motor mass can reduce the weight of the Electric Vehicle (EV) by >100kg.

Utilising a lower weight motor and battery can result in another 100kg of weight savings elsewhere in the vehicle: the vehicle is now lighter so the traction and braking system requirement drop, further reducing the vehicle mass. This mass compounding effect is typically a 1:1 ratio in EVs, resulting in significant range benefits to OEMs deploying YASA’s efficient, lightweight solutions.

Comparison of standard products

Parameter      YASA 750YASA P400
Torque (peak)790 Nm370 Nm
Torque (cont)400 Nm300 Nm
Power (peak)200 kW160 kW
Power (cont)up to 70 kW20 to 100 kW
Axial length98 mm80.4 mm
Diameter368 mm305 mm
Weight37 kg24 kg

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Sample opportunities

In addition to customised powertrain solutions, we also offer standard motor samples, enabling customers to evaluate YASA solutions or achieve a rapid time-to-market with minimal application engineering.

While these sample products are standardised, they can never-the-less be configured to meet a customer’s performance and interface requirements. Samples packages include a YASA motor, a fully calibrated YASA controller and necessary accessories.