YASA’s compact and lightweight e-motor and motor controller (inverter) products are offered as a range of sample ‘off-the-shelf’ products as well as fully customised integrated solutions.

Full custom products provide extremely high power and torque densities with package, performance and price optimised to suit customers requirements.

Standard Products

YASA’s standard products are the best solution when time-to-market is important and can often be configured to meet specific performance and interface requirements (see table).

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Comparison of standard products

Parameter      YASA 750YASA P400
Torque (peak)790 Nm370 Nm
Torque (cont)400 Nm300 Nm
Power (peak)200 kW160 kW
Power (cont)up to 70 kW20 to 100 kW
Axial length98 mm80.4 mm
Diameter368 mm305 mm
Weight37 kg24 kg

Motor Controllers

YASA motor controllers (or inverters) feature very high current and power density (>40 kVA / litre) and are a perfect match for YASA e-motors in vehicle designs.

The first controller available in the range is the YASA Si400.

Order a sample

The YASA-750, YASA P400 Series and YASA motor-controllers have been designed to be integrated into customers’ products with minimal application engineering.

Sample YASA motors and controllers are available for prototyping and limited-run production for EV, HEV, PHEV and REx. Supplied complete with sensors and cables, sample motors and controllers are intended for rapid installation in prototype and evaluation vehicles.