YASA 750 R

High Power & Torque Axial Flux Electric Motor

The YASA 750 R is an axial-flux electric motor with high torque and power densities.

The second generation motor in the 750 series, it features enhanced mechanical design for easy integration and additional strength and rigidity.

The YASA 750 R offers 790Nm of peak torque, 200kW of peak power and a speed range of 0 – 3250rpm within an axial length of 98mm.

These characteristics make the YASA 750 R ideally suited to direct drive traction and mobile generation applications.

Design Features


  • Best-in-class torque and power density. Peak power density >5 kW/kg
  • Dimensions just 368mm (D) x 98mm (L)
  • Through-shaft mounting, may be stacked for increased torque and power
  • Integrated position and temperature sensors
Download the YASA 750 Datasheet