YASA P400 R Series

YASA P400 R Series

Representing the 3rd generation of our axial-flux electric motors, the P400 produces up to 370Nm and 160kW of peak torque and power, with an axial length of just 80.4 mm.

The P400 offers enhanced durability and minimised noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics, while also providing the best efficiencies in class.

The P400 is ideal for integration into vehicle prototypes and limited-run production models. 

Design Features


  • Best-in-class torque and power density. Peak power density 6.7 kW/kg
  • Oil cooled stator with optional integrated rotor air cooling
  • Enclosed (IP67) and cartridge types
  • Through-shaft mounting and stacking capability
Download the YASA P400 R Datasheet