Case Study: Rail Car Genset



Compact 120 kW Generator Module for Vivarail Hybrid Electric Trains.

When there’s a significant environmental event such as a storm, fire or flood there is a pressing need to repair the widespread damage to the electricity supply quickly and supply emergency power to critical loads. The conventional solution is to tow a large and heavy 2 ton diesel generator to the site and this can be difficult and slow on weather affected roads.

Would it be possible to package all the generator functionality into the truck?


Class 5 Truck Hybrid Transmission with 120kW Electric Export

Efficient Drive Trains (EDI, a comany now owned by Cummins Inc.) set out to design and develop a flexible emergency maintenance truck with multiple functions:

  • 120 kW continuous electricity supply for critical loads
  • Silent generation with on-board batteries
  • Fuel efficient diesel-electric hybrid driving
  • 40 miles all-electric driving range
  • Transport a full maintenance crew plus tools, spares and access equipment

The Solution

To provide all the required functionality in a standard Ford Class 5 truck, EDI understood it was not only necessary to minimise the weight of the generator components but also to package them within the existing drivetrain envelope to avoid compromising the required payload space.
EDI chose YASA to supply the 750 motor-generator for their elegant solution which packages 3 YASA 750s into the existing transmission tunnel of the truck. The arrangement with mutiple motors provides for very flexible and powerful motoring and generating with ample capacity for the required 120 kW electrical export.

The result is a very compact, flexible and agile maintenance truck that can speed electric infrastructure repair and maintenance activities.

EDI Class 5 Utility Truck with 120 kW Export

Typical 120 kW, 1.75 Tonne Genset

Topic briefing:  Pacific Gas and Electric Work Truck.

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