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Electric Powertrain Solutions

Our electric powertrain solutions are designed around the precise needs of our OEM customers – solving space and weight challenges while delivering the greatest efficiencies and power densities in class.
We offer a design service that includes a simulation and feasibility study which provides our OEM customers with detailed analysis on the efficiency and performance benefits of a YASA custom electric powertrain solution. 

Electric Motor Controllers

YASA controllers compliment our solutions and are precisely calibrated across the operating range of the motor to deliver maximum performance and efficiency.

Our controllers (also known as inverters) feature high current and power density (>40 kVA / litre)

YASA Si400 Motor Controller

The YASA Si400 controller is our first in YASA’s controller series and is available to OEM customers and tier-one partners.

The Si400 delivers up to 200kVA from a 5 litre package weighing just 5.75kg.

The controller features innovative thermal management including dielectric oil cooling and is suitable for use with induction, permanent magnet and axial-flux electric motors. When coupled with YASA’s axial-flux electric motors, the Si400 controller offers best-in-class efficiency and control dynamics.

Electric Drive Unit

Our electric drive unit (EDU) integrates a custom YASA motor and controller together with an FEV designed 2-speed gearbox, clutch and electric actuators in one compact package

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Hybrid Powertrain Solutions

Our YASA axial-flux electric motor enables a compact and lightweight hybrid powertrain, especially in P2 full hybrid applications.

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Range-extending Generator

A YASA electric motor coupled with a petrol or diesel engine creates a powerful range-extending (REx) solution.

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