We engineer electric motor and controller solutions that solve space and weight challenges for the automotive & aerospace industries.
With YASA motors at the core of an electric or hybrid powertrain, automotive & aerospace designers have significantly greater flexibility to enhance vehicle range and performance.

Powerful combinations

When torque dense YASA e-motors are integrated into powertrain designs along with equally compact and powerful YASA controllers, then there are significant advantages available over previous solutions:  package size and weight are minimised, power, control and cooling connectivity is simplified and costs are reduced.
See our example solutions below.

Superior solutions

Electric Drive

Discover YASA e-motor and controller solutions for electric traction (P4) and propulsion.

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E-Motors for hybrid integration

Integrate a YASA e-motor for a compact and lightweight hybrid powertrain, especially P2 full hybrid.

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Range-extending generators

Couple a compact and lightweight YASA e-motor to a petrol or diesel engine for a powerful REx solution.

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