YASA 750

YASA 750 R

The YASA 750 R is a lower-speed, high-torque motor with leading torque and power densities. The YASA 750 R offers 790Nm of peak torque, 200kW of peak power, and a speed range of 0-3250rpm all within an axial length of just 98mm.

The YASA 750 R has been developed from the proven YASA 750 and features a revised mechanical design for easier installation and integration, including additional mechanical strength and rigidity.

These characteristics make the YASA 750 R ideally suited to direct drive traction and mobile generation applications.

We provide sample packages which includes a YASA motor, a fully calibrated inverter/controller and necessary accessories. Please contact us for more information.

Engine Characteristics

Electrical Mechanical 
Peak torque790NmTotal weight37kg
Continuous torque400NmTotal volume7 litres
Peak power @ 350V100kWAxial Length 98mm
Peak power @ 700V200kWDiameter368mm
Continuous powerUp to 70kW*CoolantOil
Maximum Speed3250rpmFlow rate20L/min
Peak efficiency>95%Fluid volume0.6L

*Subject to drive cycle and thermal conditions

Download the YASA 750 Datasheet