Most of the electrification industry still relies on radial electric motors. Radial motors are based on legacy technology that’s more than 50 years old. As such they offer a limited roadmap to greater efficiencies, limiting vehicle range and dampening consumer adoption of electric vehicles.
At YASA, we believe realising the full potential of electrification will require new, more efficient powertrain solutions.
Based on our next-generation axial-flux technology, we make the world’s most efficient electric powertrain solutions.
Our electric motors and controllers deliver the greatest efficiencies and highest power densities in class for the smallest size and weight, opening up dynamic new market opportunities for automotive manufacturers.
"One-third the weight of other electric motors, more efficient, and with 3x higher power densities than Tesla" - Tech Crunch

Driving the electrification industry further, faster.

YASA e-motors for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains

Electric motors and controllers

We work in partnership with our OEM customers to create custom solutions to meet their precise powertrain requirements

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YASA hybrid and electric powertrain solutions

A new Axial-Flux approach

Our axial-flux motors are fundamentally more efficient, more powerful and smaller than legacy radial motors

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YASA e-motor and controller design and manufacture

Innovative powertrain solutions

Integrating YASA solutions into an electric or hybrid powertrain gives OEM customers new freedom to optimise vehicle performance, range and cost.

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Working with YASA


We provide sample motors for potential partners and customers, to explore the potential of our custom electric powertrain solutions.

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