Engineering Revolution


For a given power and torque requirement, YASA can deliver smaller, lighter electric motors and controllers than competing technologies.

YASA has a production capacity of up to 100k motors and controllers per annum from its production facility in Oxford UK.
YASA’s motors and controllers are ideally suited for applications where space and weight are critical including automotive, industrial, marine and aerospace.

A Revolutionary Approach

YASA e-motors for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains

E-motors and controllers

YASA offers a range of “off-the-shelf” e-motors and controllers as well as fully customised products optimised for integration into electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains.

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YASA hybrid and electric powertrain solutions

Electric Powertrain Solutions

Integrating YASA e-motors and controllers into an electric or hybrid powertrain provides customers with the design flexibility to optimise vehicle performance, range and costs.

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YASA e-motor and controller design and manufacture

YASA engineering

YASA’s innovative approach to the design and manufacture of e-motors and controllers delivers powerful, compact and cost effective electric traction and generation solutions.

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About YASA

YASA’s revolutionary compact, lightweight and powerful electric motors and controllers enable vehicle hybridization and electrification – especially when there is limited powertrain space.

The very short axial length and high power density of YASA e-motors make them a particularly effective solution for P2 type hybrid vehicles and range-extending modules as well as for P4 traction.

YASA supplies custom and off-the-shelf e-motors and controllers to automotive customers from its headquarters and series production facility near Oxford in the UK.

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