Accelerating The Electric Revolution


Most of the Electric Vehicle industry relies on Radial Electric motors, which are based on legacy technology that’s more than 50 years old.

YASA, in partnership with Mercedes Benz, are leading the way in EV Motor Evolution, with our Axial Flux Technology.

The future of Performance EVs – Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s Craig Trudell met with our CTO & Founder Dr. Tim Woolmer, who explained the story behind YASA’s unique axial flux motors and how they’ve made their way into some of the most exhilarating electric vehicles…

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Driving the electrification industry further, faster.

YASA hybrid and electric powertrain solutions

A new Axial-Flux approach

Our axial-flux motors are fundamentally more efficient, more powerful and smaller than legacy radial motors Find out more about YASA Axial Flux Technology.

YASA e-motor and controller design and manufacture

Innovative powertrain solutions

Integrating a YASA Axial Flux motor into an electric or hybrid powertrain optimises vehicle range, performance  and cost. Discover powertrain solutions.

Working with YASA

 YASA’s culture, technology & market opportunity attracts world class talent. Be part of the future of Electric Mobility.

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